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The Monthly Nutrition School to give you clarity and to deeply develop your knowledge of Nutrition.

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Live, interactive, high level nutrition teaching delivered to you every single month. Take a peek into what we do and how this groundbreaking new platform works.


Ready to Take Your Nutrition knowledge to the Next Level?


No more contradiction, conflicting advice, and confusion. Classes are taught from the current evidence base to give you the answers and the information you are searching for. 

Detailed and Thorough

Gain a true understanding of this fascinating subject through very in-depth, detailed, and thorough training, taught at a high level in a way that anyone from any background can understand.


Each month, the live teaching is delivered on an interactive teaching platform. Its like being in the classroom with me directly. Ask questions as we go along and interact with me and the other students as we go along.

Developed by Dale Pinnock

Dale holds a Degree in Human Nutrition, a Post Graduate Degree in Nutritional Medicine, and is the multi award winning author of 14 books on the subject of Nutrition and Health

Training Designed For All Skill Levels


If you have never really studied nutrition before, don't worry. You will find our training incredibly easy to grasp, whatever you background. Our members range from high school students to Doctors!


Take your skills to the next level with training designed to improve your depth of knowledge of nutrition and its role in Human health. It is the perfect bridge to higher level education. 


We have medics and Nutrition practitioners on board who find our teaching great ongoing learning that enhances their career and keeps them up to date. 

"Nutrition Coaching Monthly is the online Nutrition Teaching platform that delivers high standard, convenient, interactive teaching that is flexible, approachable, yet detailed and relevant."

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