What if I told you that healthy eating is actually incredibly simple? 

Learn a simple and effective framework that will finally take the confusion out of eating well


More and more people are abandoning their healthy eating efforts because the feeling of confusion and overwhelm is just too much. Don’t become one of them!

You know how important a healthy diet is to long term good health.

If you didn't, you wouldn't be here! You have been trying your hardest to eat well and to do the right thing but the amount conflicting advice and information around diet has made you feel like you just don't know what to eat any more. There are so many areas of disagreement now.

How often are you questioning things like:

  • Should I avoid carbs?
  • Is meat bad for me?
  • Do I need to count calories?
  • Should I eat high fat or low fat?
  • How should cook I my food?

There is no escaping the fact that a healthy diet is the most important driver of long term good health, along with physical activity and sound mental health. We cannot just take it for granted. We have to be proactive and take the right steps every day to build and secure our health. The worse thing we can do is just ‘give up’. But all this confusion is making so many of you do just that.

You know exactly why eating well is such a high priority.
But....there is just one BIG thing that is standing in your way.....

Everything has just got SO complicated.


Have you noticed that....

Everyone Says Something Different

Every article you read, expert you follow, or social media account you stumble upon all contradict each other, and say the complete opposite. 

Commercial Interests Influence What We Think

Whether it is the latest big hitting diet book, or a celebrity endorsed miracle product. Big business can manipulate the headlines.  

The Latest Fad Always Overtakes Reliable Information

The latest dietary fad takes over our social media channels and news, preventing solid sound information getting through



'Healthy Eating Made Simple'

THE ONLY PROGRAMME YOU WILL EVER NEED! Stop second guessing good health. Learn How To Eat Healthy for life with no more confusion! In this programme I have created a simple and effective way for you to truly understand the fundamentals of healthy eating, and a step by step strategy that you can use at every meal, every day, wherever you go that will ensure that you are always eating right, in a way that is nutritionally sound. No second guessing. No confusion.   

I will give you a simple and straight forward framework to follow that is built on evidence, my 30 years experience, and a good dose of real World common sense. 


Healthy eating is incredibly simple - when you get rid of the noise and the fads, and get back to basics!

I know how frustrated you are trying to figure out what to do to eat well, when every single 'guru' tells you something different. With 30 years in the nutrition field, plus 2 degrees and a post grad degree in the subject, I know that it is actually pretty clear what we need to be doing. The problem is this has got lost in the noise of fads and popular culture - common sense doesn't sell newspapers or diet books right?

'Healthy Eating Made Simple' strips everything back to basics. I have built a simple framework to eating well for life, that is based on all the evidence we have available, and my three decades of experience in the industry. There isn't a single fad. Not one single food group removed. Noting to count. Nothing to weigh. I will to take you on a journey through all of the foundations of good nutrition, so that you know how to make good choices forever, in any situation, at any stage of life. No confusion. No nonsense, just simple practical advice that WORKS! 

In the first part of this programme, I will teach you all of the fundamentals. Vitamins, minerals, fats, what kind of cooking methods should you use, what oils should you cook with, what exactly should be on your plate and when. All of the basics and background of good nutrition. All taught in video, audio and downloadable PDF formats.

It is what happens in the kitchen that counts! 

The second part of this programme is where we really get down to the practical stuff! You will see how easy healthy eating day to day really is. I will show you how to put everything into practice. We take everything you have learned into the kitchen. 

I will guide you step by step through all of the key areas that I know can be tricky. Creating delicious recipes as we go.

I will show you how to create amazing breakfasts that don't knock your nutrition off course, and taste incredible. How to get lunches organised and prepared for a busy working week. How to eat well on a budget and when time is tight. How to create incredible family favourites that everyone will love, but that still adhere to sound nutritional principles. I roll my sleeves up and get cooking! All of the time reinforcing all of the theory, teaching you tips tricks and hacks, and proving how simple, delicious, and straight forward healthy eating really is.

With over 8 hours of television standard instructional kitchen based teaching videos, and accompanying pdf downloads, this programme will show you every way possible you can apply all of the information I teach you, into every day life. There are things for all tastes, diets, budgets, and timescales. 

We cannot get anywhere without ongoing support and a shoulder to turn to.

The third part of this programme is that you become a part of the HEMS (Healthy Eating Made Simple) community. This means that you have access to me every single month when we do live sessions together. This is your chance to have me on hand as your personal nutrition guide, ask me any questions, and let me guide you through the maze of health and nutrition, not to mention spend time with the rest of this global community. This is the only place you can get live access to me without a full on private consultation (which in itself is £250 per hour), and you have LIFETIME access to this when you join the programme. Whenever you need me or need guidance and clarity, here I am, live and direct with you every single month.  

Being part of this community also gives you the VIP treatment. Get early bird access to live event tickets (live tour happening this year!), special discounts on any other courses or programmes, and VIP access to many exciting health & nutrition events and gatherings. 

Everything you will ever need to know about healthy eating in one place - here's what we cover in the programme:

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Do you want to keep second guessing everything you are doing? Or, are you ready to make life easier for yourself and get this thing right?

Let me guide you through this maze and show you that, with my simple framework and "easy to do" strategies, healthy eating REALLY IS SIMPLE!


Plus a little FREE bonus to "kick start" your healthy habits too


'The Metabolic Reset' Mini Course. Have it on me!


As a FREE added bonus when you join the 'Healthy Eating Made Simple', programme, I wanted to give you a programme that is perfect if you want to kick start some new healthy habits. It will give your metabolism a boot and rev up the engine once again. 

It is a programme that I have used with my patients in my clinic that can act as a health reset. Something that can kick start a healthier life and healthier habits.

This is an intensive 2 week dietary protocol to turn the tide on poor metabolic health. This stepwise programme consists of video instruction, in depth written materials, and a two week, two step meal plan complete with recipes and shopping list.

Applying this protocol will help to give better blood sugar control, improve energy levels, kick start weight loss, and set the stage for improved cardiovascular health too. Yours free to get you off to a flying start!

So think about it...

You made the commitment to yourself to get healthy. Don't let confusion and frustration stop you...

  • Your decision to make healthy eating a priority is a good one. It is the cornerstone to lifelong good health. Do not take this for granted.
  • The big issue is though, our modern obsession with health and wellness has meant that all of a sudden everyone is an ‘expert’, and the press and social media either want to sell you a miracle diet, or sell you fear and clickbait!
  • All of the noise, contradiction and online squabbling just makes you want to give up and not even bother. It is EXHAUSTING!! But, there is another way. 
  • I have created a simple and straight forward framework and step by step strategy that is based on 30 years experience as a double degree and post graduate trained Nutritionist, and decades of solid nutritional data. Once you can apply the basics of good nutrition to a simple strategy, then you can eat well for life without the second guessing. Wherever. Whenever.
  • Join the ‘Healthy Eating Made Simple’ programme and get lifetime access to the most detailed, engaging, comprehensive and complete healthy eating education programme available. This is the best piece of work I have ever created. Also have lifetime access to ME. Have me on hand as your guide and nutritionist throughout this journey whenever you may need me!

Enough with the confusion - let's do this

There are Two Ways Your Can Join The Programme

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  • Lifetime Access to all programme materials and the live sessions with me.
  • learn everything you need to know to eat well for life.

  • Taught in the kitchen in TV quality instructional videos, recorded theory classes, audio podcast style downloads, and downloadable PDF’s.

  • Instant Access
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  • Lifetime Access to all programme materials and the live sessions with me.
  • learn everything you need to know to eat well for life.

  • Taught in the kitchen in TV quality instructional videos, recorded theory classes, audio podcast style downloads, and downloadable PDF’s.

  • Instant Access
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