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My online courses take you on a deep dive into nutritional science and how to apply it. Whether that is to forge a new career, start a business, or help you get healthier and live better, I have you covered!

Diploma in Culinary Medicine

My flagship course that has taught thousands of students across the globe how to use food as a powerful tool in healthcare. This fully accredited diploma will give you all the tools you need to start a career in this fascinating field, or indeed give your day to day nutrition knowledge a serious upgrade.


Diet Another Day 2.0

COMING SOON - the brand new reworked version of my signature weight management programme. With over 40% of our population overweight or obese, more diet plans than we know what to do with, and no sign we are winning the war, a change in approach is needed. Education is the only way out of the woods. Once you learn how your body works, how the food that you eat influences this, and how to put that into practice every day, will you achieve lasting weight loss and improved health. This programme helps you escape the diet trap FOREVER!


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